Our mission is to create a new level of awareness about large industrial fire disasters by introducing new, cost-effective ways of controlling, managing and suppressing fires.
   At SFPRD, a dedicated team of fire-protection, chemical, HSE, and mechanical engineers, as well as safety-protocol experts, work relentlessly to address seemingly unsolvable fire-safety challenges. Presently, we are primarily focused on developing higher foam application-capacity solutions as well as adjustments for installations located in harsh climates – conditions that often make proper fire-safety coverage unsustainably expensive. We have created an unparalleled system for putting out fires in storage tanks and dikes.
    To the leading oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and vegetable-oil companies, as well as tank-construction firms: We have done our part to make your sector safer and less harmful to the environment.  Swiss Fire Protection AG wants to make the world a place that is free from storage-tank infernos and quickly escalating catastrophes.
 Now it is your turn.